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Upgrade Your Spat v3 to Spat Revolution Now!

Spat Revolution Upgrade Offer

We are truly grateful for all of you who have been using, some of you still using, the Spat v3 plugin, and for everybody with a full active license of Spat v3, or the Ircam Tools bundle including Spat v3, we offer two loyalty upgrade options to choose from towards Spat Revolution (your Spat v3 / Ircam Tools license will not be canceled or surrendered).

  • Spat Revolution Perpetual License - 50% Discount
    (EDU Partner Program applies - See link below)

  • Spat Revolution 6 Months Subscription - FREE

Get Your Upgrade Now!

  1. Create a FLUX:: Account and Link your iLok account

    First of all, if you don’t have a FLUX:: account, you need to create a FLUX:: account.

    When the registration is finished, an email message with a verification link for the activation of the FLUX:: account is sent to your email used in the registration, click the link and your account is now ready to use.

    FLUX:: Knowledge Base - How to create a FLUX:: user account

  2. Link your iLok account to your FLUX:: Account

    When the account is verified and activated, your iLok account containing the Spat v3/Ircam Tools license must be linked to your FLUX:: Account.

    To link your iLok account, log in to your FLUX:: account and go to the iLok section in the My Account section in your FLUX:: Account.

    FLUX:: Account - iLok Section
  3. Add the desired Spat Revolution product to the Cart

    Make sure you're logged in to your FLUX:: account, go to the Immersive section in the FLUX:: store, add the Spat Revolution license you want to the shopping cart and your discount will automatically appear in the cart.

    • Perpetual License

      Choosing the perpetual license automatically gives a 50% discount when added to the shopping cart.

      FLUX:: Store - Spat Revolution Perpetual License  
    • Subscription (Monthly)

      Choosing the Subscription plan Monthly without any commitment automatically gives 6 months for Free when added to the shopping cart.

      The subscription will renew itself automatically each month, but as it's a monthly plan without any commitment it can be canceled at any time simply by logging in to your FLUX:: Account and canceling it there.

       FLUX:: Store -  Spat Revolution Monthly Subscription
  4. Only one product can be in the cart in order to receive the discount offer

    To benefit from this offer and receive the discount in the shopping cart, only one product can be in the shopping cart.

    FLUX:: Store - Shopping Cart

  5. Proceed with the Checkout

    Proceed with the checkout and when the transaction is finalized your license will automatically show up in your iLok License Manager after no more than 10-15 minutes.

    FLUX:: Store - Checkout

  6. Activate the license in the iLok license manager

    All Flux:: licenses allow two simultaneous activations and support all generations iLok USB keys as well as activation direct to a computer workstation (iLok Machine Activation).

    FLUX:: Knowledge Base - License Activation

  7. Download and install Spat Revolution using FLUX:: Center

    Download and install the latest version of the FLUX:: Center download and installation manager, in FLUX:: Center, log in with your FLUX:: account, and install the latest version of Spat Revolution.

    FLUX:: Center Download

FLUX:: EDU Partner Program

For all universities and other academic institutions of higher education, including; students, teachers, professors, and other personnel, we offer a 50% discount on this upgrade.

Send the application, using your official University / Institution email account, to edu@flux.audio, please mention that it's for the Spat v3 to Spat Revolution upgrade, and as soon as your application is handled and approved, an email will be sent to you with a voucher code to use in our online shop.