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Elixir v3 Loyalty Upgrade Offer




All customers with a full valid Elixir, Mastering Pack 1.1 or Full Pack 2.1/2.2 license, or any other perpetual FLUX:: bundle which includes Elixir, are eligibile for a loyalty upgrade offer towards either Elixir Essential or the Immersive Essentials bundle.

To benefit from your loyalty upgrade offer:
  1. Simply login to the FLUX:: online store using your FLUX:: account with the valid upgradeable license on.
  2. Add Elixir Essential or Immersive:: Essentials to the cart.
  3. Your discounted upgrade offer is now displayed in the cart.
  4. Proceed with the checkout.
  5. Open the iLok license manager and activate your new license.
  6. Open FLUX:: Center and install your new software.

Your existing license will not be consumed or surrendered, and you can continue using it as before in parallell with the new license.