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FLUX:: Analyzer (Subscription) - Monthly subscription (engaged annually)
21,60 € / month
Commitment : 1 year (Inc. VAT)

FLUX:: Analyzer (Subscription) - Monthly subscription
32,40 € / month (Inc. VAT)

FLUX:: Analyzer (Subscription) - Yearly subscription
213,60 € / year (Inc. VAT)

FLUX:: Session Analyzer (Perpetual)
FLUX:: Session Analyzer (Perpetual) 174,00 € (Inc. VAT)
FLUX:: Analyzer (Perpetual)
Essential 394,80 € (Inc. VAT)
Add-on Options  
Live +202,80 € (Inc. VAT)

Multichannel +202,80 € (Inc. VAT)

FLUX:: Analyzer (Add-on Option for Essential)
Live 202,80 € (Inc. VAT)
Multichannel 202,80 € (Inc. VAT)
Analyze This!

The Next Generation Real Time Analyzer System

FLUX:: Session Analyzer - The basics of analysis, with a comprehensive range of analyzer tools to give you full visual control of your mix, including loudness, LUFS metering, add-on options NOT supported.

FLUX:: Analyzer Essential - The essentials for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement, now including EBU R128 / PLOUD with fully customizable metering history and Offline metering stats, and with optional Live and Multichannel/Surround add-on modules for specific utilization.

FLUX:: Analyzer Add-on Options

FLUX:: Analyzer Live Sound add-on option - Provides the elements needed to assist the live sound engineer in speaker array calibration.

FLUX:: Analyzer Multichannel & Surround add-on option - Provides a vast range of measurement tools for comprehensive analysis of multichannel audio environments.

IMPORTANT! - The FLUX:: Analyzer Essential is REQUIRED in order to run any of the add-on modules; Live and Multichannel/Surround - The add-on options are NOT compatible with the Session Analyzer.

All add-on options are included in the FLUX:: Analyzer subscription plans.

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Complete Pack - Subscription
Complete Pack - Subscription
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Commitment : 1 year (Inc. VAT)