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Get a FREE 30-Day Trial

A trial license is valid for 30 days and gives access to the actual full product during 30 days without any limitations.

When the trial period ends and you decide to purchase the product, simply authorize with the full license, and everything will work as it did during the trial period, there is no need to reinstall anything and all your settings and presets will still be available.

If you have applied for a trial license for a specific product before with the same iLok user account, please contact FLUX:: Customer Service for a second trial period.

Flux:: Trial License
  • Valid for 30 days starting at activation
  • 100% Compatible with the full product after the trial
  • Limited to one trial license per product and iLok account


How to apply for a FREE 30-Day Trial

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Create a Flux:: account linked to your iLok user account

To try our products an iLok account is required, both for the trial license and for the full license.
We support all generation iLok USB keys, though an iLok USB key is NOT required and iLok Machine Authorization is supported.

Login and apply for a trial license.

If you already have a Flux:: account, simply login to your account to apply for a trial license.